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Boat Ramp Construction Begins at Roberts Access

Popular site should reopen before waterfowl season

Construction of a new boat ramp at Roberts Access on the Snake River south of Weiser is now underway. Owned and managed by Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG), the popular waterfowl and angling site will be closed to public access until ramp construction is complete.

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Derek Fong, IDFG

Roberts Access south of Weiser on the Snake River


The existing ramp has not aged gracefully. Undercut by river flows, the ramp is breaking up and slipping into the river, making it unsafe for boat launching.

The new ramp will take only a short time to pour, but must cure before crews can push it into place. “We’re aware that waterfowl season begins in only a few short weeks,” IDFG recreation site maintenance foreman Dennis Hardy noted. “Roberts should be back on line prior to, our just after, the waterfowl opener.”

For more information regarding the new Roberts Access boat ramp, contact the IDFG Nampa Regional Office at 208-465-8465.