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Bears are waking up around the Upper Snake Region

Grizzlies and black bears are waking up from their winter slumber around the Upper Snake Region

Grizzly tracks in the snow
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Adam Brubaker

As the days get longer and the snow starts melting, both hunters and bears are becoming more active in the Upper Snake Region. "Whether you are pursuing bears, turkeys, or just out enjoying the spring weather, people need to be aware that they are in bear country," says Jeremy Nicholson, Bear Biologist for the Idaho Fish and Game. "Both grizzlies and black bears have been seen on trail cameras in the Island Park area recently and lots of people have been seeing tracks." 

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts should be vigilant and take a few extra precautions when recreating in bear country. Please follow the links below to learn more about how to be bear aware and reduce the likelihood of unwanted bear encounters and possible harm to both humans and bears.

Grizzly bear management

Bear Identification