Press Release

Archery Season Opens Soon

Archery pronghorn season opens August 15 and continues through September 15.

In addition, in many units, archery seasons for mule deer, white-tailed deer and elk open August 30 and run through September.

In the warm weather of summer, hunters should consider hunting in the higher country. Hunters have an ethical and legal obligation to salvage the edible portions of their kill. But meat spoilage is an important concern during hot weather.

The key to preserving meat is starting the cooling process quickly. Game animals should be skinned immediately and quartered in most cases and transported quickly to cold storage facilities. Early season hunters may consider using large ice chests to keep game meat cool and clean. Removing meat from the bones also helps speed cooling.

Hunters are reminded that archery permits are required. And archers using blinds on federal public lands should consult the big game rules brochure or contact the Bureau of Land Management for the latest policies on hunting blinds on public lands.

For more information and for help with planning hunts, visit the Hunt Planner on the Idaho Fish and Game Website: