Press Release

Annual Fur Auction Set for April in Southeast Region

The fur sale is set for 9 a.m. Saturday, April 6, at the Southeast Region office in Pocatello.

Items may be viewed beginning at 9 a.m. The live auction will start at 10. The sale will be conducted at 1345 Barton Rd., Pocatello, by Prime Time Auctions Inc.

Auction items include furs, whole carcasses, antlers, skulls and other items.

All items were either seized as evidence or salvaged. All carcasses are considered unfit for human consumption and are sold for use of the non-edible portions only.

Elk, deer and moose antlers may be sold as small bundles by weight or as single sets attached to skull plates.

A taxidermist-furbuyer license is required in advance to bid on bear parts, mountain lion parts or any furbearer for anyone in the business of buying and selling hides or animal mounts. Resident licenses are $40 for one year, and nonresident licenses are $170. The licenses can be purchased at any Idaho Fish and Game office.

Buyers for personal use are not required to have a taxidermist-furbuyer license.

Fish and Game will accept only cash, cashier's checks or personal checks. No credit card service will be available.

Nonresident purchasers should be aware that their state may not allow import of the hides or parts of bear, mountain lion, bobcat or otter. Be sure to check state regulations before purchasing these items.

If a person has killed an animal illegally and that animal has been confiscated and put up for sale at the auction, they may not buy that animal or any part of it at the auction. Nor may another person buy the animal or any part of it on their behalf. This violation would be considered an illegal purchase of wildlife.

For more information contact the Southeast Region Fish and Game office at 208-232-4703.