Press Release

Angling for better fish habitat – Idaho will benefit from new national bass tournament

Bass tournament will help fund a national program aimed at improving aquatic habitat in the U.S.

A new national bass fishing amateur tournament initiated by Bass Pro Shops will designate proceeds to the National Fish Habitat Partnership, which works to conserve fish habitat nationwide, including Idaho projects. 

The habitat partnership leverages federal, state, tribal, and private funding resources to achieve the greatest impact on fish populations through priority conservation projects of 20 regionally based Fish Habitat Partnerships. Since 2006, the partnership has supported over 1,000 projects benefiting fish habitat in all 50 states. 

Idaho is part of the Western Native Trout Initiative, which is linked to the National Fish Habitat Partnership that covers 12 western states from Arizona to Alaska. This initiative has funded $700,000 of fish habitat projects in Idaho through many partners, including Idaho Fish and Game. At the national level, the partnership with Bass Pro Shops to increase funding for fish habitat can be good news for Idaho’s native trout. 

"We are grateful to be a conservation partner of Bass Pro Shops and are excited for the announcement of the U.S. Open National Bass Fishing Tournament," said Ed Schriever, Chairman of the National Fish Habitat Board and Director of Idaho Fish and Game. "This is a beautiful example of how partnerships with the angling community support conservation. Great fishing requires great habitat. Aquatic habitat is the field of dreams for anglers; if you build it – the fish will come. This is how anglers pay it forward and help ensure the ability for future generations to share in the passion of fishing and conservation."

For more information about the National Fish Habitat Partnership, visit Interested anglers can also support trout habitat by joining and fishing in the Western Native Trout Challenge.