Press Release

75th Celebration; Digital Tools for the Digital Age

In the digital age not many people stop to think about how word of Ôgood fishing' spread in 1938. Few had telephones. If they did, word of a hot fishing location might Ôaccidently' spread by people listening on the party-line telephone system, or by the operator, who routed calls, telling a friend; but most fishing reports spread by word-of-mouth. In 1938, as it is today, the information was always suspect because everyone knew two truths about anglers. First, they all lie; and second, a true angler would never divulge detailed information about where fishing was really good!

Things have changed in 2014. The timeless desire to tell a fishing and hunting story is being blogged, tweeted and Facebooked. This often happens from locations where anglers are catching fish (or not) within seconds of landing the Ôbig one,' or hunters posing for the Ôbeauty shot' from the field.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has also taken their Ôgame' to the digital age in developing the online Hunt and Fishing Planners for the sporting public.

In 1938, it would be safe to assume no one ever dreamed of Idaho Fish and Game offering powerful tools like the Hunt Planner and Fishing Planners. Since we launched our desk-top planners, technological advances have expanded the information we can provide our customers at the touch of your phone or a click of your mouse.

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