Press Release

2022 – The Year New Spring Black Bear Seasons Begin

A number of black bear hunters seem eager to take advantage of a new spring black bear hunting general season established at the March Fish and Game Commission meeting.

Not so fast.

The new spring general season, approved for portions of units 22, 31, and 32A, begins in the spring of 2022. It’s tricky because big game seasons are now revisited every two years, and black bear seasons always bridge two calendar years. Current black bear seasons and rules were established in 2019 and remain in effect through the spring, 2021 bear season.

In contrast, new big game seasons and rules – approved by the Commission in March – pertain to the fall, 2021 and 2022 hunting seasons. Because of the calendar year bridge, new black bear seasons will take effect in the fall of 2021, and continue through the spring of 2023.

A number of other black bear rules were approved and are reflected in the new 2021-2022 big game rule book, available on the Fish and Game website in the very near future (, with hard copies available at most vendors by May 1.

Just remember that none of these rule changes take effect until the 2021 fall hunting season.

- IDFG -