Press Release

2014 Big Game Seasons Set

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission Thursday, March 20, adopted the 2014 seasons for deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, mountain lion and gray wolf.

The new seasons include an increase in tags for elk and deer controlled hunts and an increase in tags for pronghorn hunts, as well as expanded wolf hunting and trapping seasons. A summary of major changes include:

- Net increase of 1,076 controlled hunt deer tags.

- Total increase of 296 controlled hunt elk tags.

- Increase of 50 controlled hunt pronghorn tags.

- Increased limits and expanded seasons for black bear and mountain lions.

- Expanded seasons and unified bag limits for hunting and trapping of gray wolves.

Details of the 2014 big game hunting seasons will be posted on the Fish and Game website at and the new printed brochure will be available at all license vendors in late April.