Press Release

Gavers Lagoon stocking suspended prior to lagoon rehabilitation

Gavers Lagoon to undergo extensive habitat rehabilitation over the coming months.

Stocking of rainbow trout has been suspended at Gavers Lagoon, located at the Hayspur Hatchery near Picabo, due to an upcoming rehabilitation project. Normally, the popular lagoon is stocked on a regular basis for anglers who like to fish in the Wood River Valley.

Hayspur fish hatchery handicapped disabled fishing dock access June 2015
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Handicapped accessible fishing platform at Gavers Lagoon at the Hayspur Fish Hatchery near Picabo.

According to Magic Valley Hatchery Complex Manager Gregg Anderson, the rehabilitation project will begin in early September, and be wrapped up sometime in October. During this time, Gavers Lagoon will not be stocked or suitable for fishing, and the area will be closed to the public. The campground will remain open throughout the construction period.

The rehabilitation project will include dredging to increase its depth, as well as bank stabilization work to improve habitat around the lagoon.

Once the project starts, additional information about the project and timeline can be found at the Hayspur Hatchery webpage.