Remote Game Bird Rearing Units

There is interest by some landowners and sportsmen to try various ways of increasing the populations of upland game birds in areas that they hunt. One of these methods is the propagation of pen-raised birds.

The use of this method is not without controversy and Idaho Fish and Game encourages interested individuals to conduct their own research into the positives and negatives of this type of activity and past research conducted on survival of pen raised birds.

Idaho Fish and Game maintains strong support for the development of quality habitat for wildlife.  Idaho Fish and Game has a number of private landowner programs to develop wildlife habitat and provide recreational opportunities to sportsmen.

The results of the 2010-2012 Evaluation of Remote Pheasant Rearing Units are avaiable below:
What is Required to Raise Upland Game Birds
Resources/Information About Raising Pheasant/Game Bird Chicks
  • See page 8 of Summary - [PDF, 480 kb].
Last Updated: January 10, 2013 
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