Shooting Range Development Grants

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game works to promote and enhance firearms and archery shooting opportunities for the public through cooperative partnership agreements.  The Shooting Range Development Grant program provides funds to assist organizations or agencies to establish, upgrade, expand or otherwise improve public firearms and archery ranges in Idaho.  The application period is January 1 – March 31 of each calendar year.

All applications are evaluated by established criteria to determine their potential to expand and enhance shooting opportunities for both the general public as well as Idaho’s hunter education program.  Other considerations include the availability of matching funds and the donation of labor or materials by organization members or outside entities.  The step-by-step application process is outlined below.

The Application Process:
  1. Complete the Shooting Range Development Grant Application  – [PDF, 350 KB]. The application is also available at regional offices and from the State Hunter Education Coordinator.  Be sure to include supporting information such as drawings and photographs.  
    Applications are due to the regional office by March 31.
  2. Extra consideration will be given to those organizations that actively support the Idaho Hunter and Bowhunter Education Programs.  Please include in your application the number of organizational members who are hunter or bowhunter instructors and the number of hunter or bowhunter education classes that use your facility.  Also, explain how your organization encourages the use of the range by these classes.
  3. Grant awards will be determined by April 30 and successful applicants notified by mid-May.
  4. Successful applicants will receive a Shooting Range Development Grant Cooperative Agreement to be completed by the applicant and returned to Fish and Game no later than June 30.  The initial payment of 75 percent of the grant award will be dispersed by July 30.
  5. Projects must be completed and a final report submitted no later than June 1 of the following calendar year.  The final report should include documentation of how grant funds were spent including copies of all invoices for materials purchased or work completed if done by a contractor.  Before-and-after photographs are also beneficial if appropriate for the project.
  6. The completed project must be inspected by Fish and Game regional staff. Once this inspection is complete and the final report submitted, the remaining 25 percent of the grant funds will be awarded.
Last Updated: January 26, 2015 
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