Wolf Delisting Court Case

July 18, 2008

A federal judge, July 18, 2008, granted a preliminary injunction at the request of the parties to a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's decision to remove gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains from the endangered species list.

The injunction elicited passionate responses, but it is not a final determination, deputy attorney general Clive Strong told the Idaho Fish and Game Commission during a meeting on July 24. Strong is the chief of the natural resource division of the attorney general's office.

"We're going to have to operate within the confines of the law," Strong said. Hear his statement to the commissioners.

Below are links to court documents, including the original complaint challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's delisting decision, the declarations of several parties to the lawsuit and Idaho and federal expert witnesses in support of and opposition to the injunction.

Wolf Delisting Injunction Documents:
Declarations in Support of Injunction - Idaho:
  • Lynne Stone, director of the Boulder-White Clouds Council. - [PDF, 670 KB]
  • Jon Marvel, director of Western Watershed Project - [PDF, 338 KB]
  • Franz Camenzind, executive director of the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance - [PDF, 302 KB]

Declarations Opposing Injunction - Idaho and Federal Government:
  • Steve Nadeau, Idaho Fish and Game wolf program manager - [PDF, 474 KB]
  • L. David Mech, Ph.D, expert witness - [PDF, 430 KB]
  • Edward E. Bangs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wolf recovery program manager - [PDF, 117 KB]
  • Mark S. Boyce, Ph.D, expert witness - [PDF, 162 KB]
  • Douglas W. Smith, Ph.D, National Park Service, Yellowstone wolf program manager - [PDF, 418 KB]

Additional Documents:
  • Exhibit 12 - Steve Strack, lead deputy attorney general - [PDF, 1.3 MB]
  • Fact sheet - Earthjustice & other groups - [PDF, 35 KB]
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