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Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge

Sponsored by the non-profit shooting club, the EE-DA-HOW Long Rifle & Pistol Club and Boise Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is a speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) which consists of 8 standardized stages. The steel targets are of three sizes, round 10″ and 12″, and rectangular 18×24″. Each stage consists of five targets total, four of which can be shot in any order, and one stop plate. Each stage consists of five timed strings. The stage score is the total time it takes to shoot all five strings, plus any penalties or procedurals, minus the worst string. The match score is the total of all five stages.

Round count is 25 per stage, 125 for the match. Bringing more ammo is highly recommended.

Handgun divisions include all USPSA divisions observing holster placement for each specific division, plus rimfire (22 LR only) pistol and rifle with iron sights or optics. No thumb break holsters are permitted. Rimfire pistols (semi-auto and revolver) do not require a holster. Mag pouches are not required but are permitted, and can be placed anywhere on the belt. Minimum caliber for centerfire (pistol and rifle) is .38 special or 9×19. No armor piercing, fragmenting or tracer ammo. Pistol caliber carbine is limited to 1600 fps max.

Requirements for specific divisions can be found here under Appendix D1:

Centerfire handguns will start from the “surrender position”, wrists visible above shoulders from behind. Rimfire (pistol and rifle) and pistol caliber carbine start from low ready, which is indexing on a cone 10′ in front of the shooter. There are no mandatory reloads on the timer but are permitted should you run out of ammo on any string.

Steel Challenge matches are held at the Black’s Creek Shooting Range every Tuesday of the month through September. Officials set up the afternoon of match beginning about 4 p.m. and appreciate all the help they can get. Depending on the number of participants, the match is done sometime between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., any help with tear down is also greatly appreciated.

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