Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee to meet March 2

Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee Meeting
and Agenda

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

6:30 PM

Southeast Regional IDFG Office

1345 Barton Road

Pocatello, ID

Call-in Number:  208-236-1281

*Please note that face masks are required for those in attendance.  We are also limiting the total number of in-person attendees to 10 in order to ensure appropriate social distancing protocols.  A conference call option is available.


● Committee Chair, David Priestley, to welcome everyone and conduct meeting.

● Review of last meeting's minutes.

● Regional Round-up (reports, observations, issues, concerns, comments, etc.) from each Committee Member and participating staff.

● Other items? Concerns? Questions?

● Discussion of possible action items.

● Schedule next meeting?

● Adjourn.