2020 Certification Hours REDUCED

Idaho Master Naturalists aiming to certify in 2020 will need to complete 20 hours of volunteer work within their chapter's certification year. This is a 50% reduction from the usual 40 hours required to certify.

Members who joined chapters in 2020 will need to complete 40 hours of education. Members who joined chapters 2008-2019 will need to complete 8 hours of education.

The hours reduction in the volunteer category for 2020 is a result of the Covid-19 restrictions and Stay-at-Home order that was enacted in March. Volunteer opportunities and the ability to participate had been greatly reduced this year. 

Idaho Master Naturalists should log all their education and volunteerism. Though certification will require 20 hours, members who reach the usual 40 hours will receive special recognition.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact Sara Focht at sara.focht@idfg.idaho.gov

volunteers planting trees at Lawyers Creek
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volunteers planting trees at Lawyers Creek