Lake Cascade ice conditions update: December 30, 2019

Lake Cascade has now frozen over entirely! As of today (Dec 30) there is 4-5 inches of good clear ice in the Sugarloaf boat ramp and island areas. This does not mean that the ice is this thick over the entire lake. ATV and snowmobile use is not recommended on the lake except north of Poison Creek boat ramp where its been frozen over for 2-3 weeks. 

Use extreme caution when going out on any lake ice. Drill holes as you move out onto the ice to get a feel of ice conditions in that area. Underwater springs, creek outlet, ice heaves and cracks, and old fishing holes can effect the thickness of ice.  

The Sugarloaf boat ramp road is open with only an inch or so of snow and ice.  However, use with caution as this road is not plowed and blowing and drifting snow can make the road impassible very quickly. Blue Heron, Cascade City, Poison Creek boat ramps and the Crown point access areas are being plowed through the winter.   

Check back for frequent reports on ice and access conditions on Lake Cascade for the remainder of December and through February. As always folks need to use extreme caution when venturing out on to the ice. Check out Fish and Game's ice fishing webpage for safety tips, fishing tips and additional ice fishing locations.

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Paull Janssen