Volunteers needed for seedling planting on Mile Marker 19 Fire near Lucky Peak Reservoir

  • Volunteers Planting Seedlings after Fire
    Creative Commons Licence
    Kirsten Severud

Winter is hinting at turning into spring.  Soon the grass will be green and the birds will be singing.  This is the exact time of year we are able to plant seedlings for wildlife, when the soil is at its wettest and is just above 40 degrees!

Wildlife need the food and cover that bitterbrush and sagebrush provide to successfully make it through the winter in this part of Idaho.  This year we are focusing our efforts on the 2018 Mile Marker 19 Fire on Highway 21 by Lucky Peak Reservoir.  This is a critical mule deer wintering area and we are doing our best to rehabilitate the habitat after numerous fires in recent years.

We will be planting each Saturday though April 6.  Contact Michael Young, Wildlife Habitat Biologist, michael.young@idfg.idaho.gov for more information.

Join us on one or more days!  Our first event this spring will be March 9.  Click the link below if you’d like to learn more information and to sign up:

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