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Idaho Fish and Game

Swans over Deer Parks

Video: Waterfowl flock to Deer Parks Wildlife Management Area


The skies over Deer Parks Wildlife Management Area are filled with activity this January as waterfowl fly between the grain fields planted for them by Fish and Game. Trumpeter swans, Canada geese and ducks have all shown up by the thousands to feed. 

The spectacle can easily be viewed from several parking areas north of Menan along the Twin Butte Road. All access to Deer Parks is walk-in only and visitors are welcome to explore the plowed walking paths provided. All users are asked not disturb or harass the birds and obey all signage. 

Northward spring migration usually begins in early March, so January and February are the best times to visit Deer Parks and see the large masses of birds before they leave.

Click here to view a map of Deer Parks