St. Patrick's Day Machine Gun Shoot Coming to BCR March 16th

The Idaho Automatic Weapons Collectors’ Association (IAWCA) kicks off its 2019 season on Saturday, March 16th at high noon with the very popular St. Patrick's Day Machine Gun Shoot at Black's Creek Public Shooting Range (BCR).

This is a full-auto machine gun shoot that often includes WW II era belt fed machine guns, classic submachine guns like the Thompson “Tommy Gun” and Uzi and modern weapons in current use around the world like the MP5, AK47 and M16.

The show begins at noon, and will continue until 3:00pm. There is no charge for spectators; just be sure to bring eye and ear protection.

For participants, setup begins at 9:00am, signups begin at 10:00am, with a mandatory safety meeting for all participants starting at 11:30.

If you've ever wanted to watch real machine guns in action, put on your green and come out to BCR for an unforgettable experience.

For more information please go to the IAWCA website; and click on the schedule page for more details. If you have not participated in this event before and wish to do so, please contact the event coordinator, Gary Gelson, at for more details or call him at 208-890-2038.

Hope to see you there!