Idaho Master Naturalist Highlight: Kevin Drews

Idaho Master Naturalist, Kevin Drews, works at a variety of volunteer tasks each year. In the past year, he performed mussel surveys for the Nez Perce Tribe/IDFG, helped at Ponderosa State Park with an owl program and a skiing day, and most recently, helped kids learn to ice fish at Horsethief Reservoir. The ice fishing event was on a cold January morning, but that did not stop over 700 people from stepping out onto the ice to go ice fishing. It did not stop Kevin Drews either. Kevin worked at the check-in tent where participants received rods, scoops and green buckets before heading out with another volunteer to auger a hole! Idaho Youth Outdoors sponsored this 10th annual ice fishing event. With many partners involved and dedicated Idaho Master Naturalists like Kevin Drews, this event helped a lot of people get outside, learn a new skill, and eat some fried fish!