Share your thoughts with F&G about managing Horsethief Reservoir

Are more campground improvements on the way at Horsethief Reservoir? Southwest Region staff is hosting an open house Jan.   3 from 4 to 6 p.m at the Nampa Regional Office, 3101 S. Powerline Rd. to talk about management of this popular campground and recreation area owned and operated by Fish and Game. 

Regional staff is applying for grants from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation's RV program that if funded would provide electrical infrastructure to the entire west side of Horsethief Reservoir and more fully develop sites and roads in the Osprey Bay and Easters Cove loops. Fish and Game staff will be available at the open house to discuss these project and accept public comments.

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Dennis Hardy

During the last couple of years, Fish and Game has received grants for improving camping amenities and infrastructure at Horsethief Reservoir, including installing more fire rings and picnic tables at some sites, as well as developing campground host sites to reduce the possibility of closures from lack of qualified hosts.

Grant funds originated from Parks and Recreation's RV Grant Fund, and in 2019, another project (Kings point campsite improvements) that received a grant in 2018 is scheduled to be completed. To continue building on this momentum, F&G staff are completing two more applications for the next grant cycle, which are due in January. 

For those unable to attend the open house, comments may be submitted by mail to the address above, by email to, or by phone to (208)475-2764.