Tiger Trout Stocked in Big Lake

Idaho Department of Fish & Game recently partnered with the Forest Service office in Mackay, Idaho to stock several hundred fingerling (~3 inch) tiger trout in Big Lake, located in Copper Basin. You might be asking yourself what a tiger trout is. A tiger trout is a sterile hybrid trout produced by crossing female brown trout with male brook trout. The name tiger trout comes from the appearance of the adult fish, which have beautiful “tiger-like stripes” across their backs. The “tiger-like” markings are called vermiculation, a worm-like pattern, which is found on the backs of all brook trout. They often exhibit a greenish cast and their fins can often bear the distinctive white trim of a brook trout.

In 2016, Fish and Game stocked 500 fingerling tiger trout in Big Lake. Since then, the fish have been growing to a nice catchable size. The young angler pictured below recently caught this beautiful tiger trout from the lake that would have been stocked two years ago!

Young angler with Tiger Trout
Creative Commons Licence
Brett Gammett