Clearwater steelhead fishing report (2/4/18)

This past week we saw an increase in angling effort on the South Fork of the Clearwater but catch rates were poor. Effort on the main river dropped over the weekend as water levels increased and the water clarity became poor. The anglers fishing from boats on the main river still did well at the Slaughterhouse Hole and Pole Yard. Water levels and water clarity caused more anglers to throw a line out in the North Fork and this section saw good catch rates.

Effort is has picked up on the Salmon and we documented effort and harvest in river sections 11 & 12. The Little Salmon (20) had some effort but did not document any harvest.

Fishery technicians working the Clearwater today have reported no effort as of now from Orofino Bridge down to Lewiston due to high flows and water that looks like chocolate milk. - Jaime Robertson, Fisheries Technician 2, Clearwater Region