Steelhead harvest report for Clearwater River (1/7/18)

The 2018 spring Steelhead season has begun. It's gotten off to a slow start as anglers have faced cold temperatures and bouts of bad weather.

Anglers primarily fished between Cherry Lane bridge and Orofino with others fishing the North Fork below Dworshak Dam both on the wall and along the bridge. This week our clerks were only able to check a few fish that were harvested due to the majority of fish being caught and released due to the size restrictions which are still in effect until further notice. The anglers who were successful this week caught fish in sections below the Pink House access site in Orofino and along the North Fork.

2018 may have begun slowly, but there are fish out there and anglers have been catching them floating bobbers with jigs and shrimp for bait. - Ryan Allen, Fisheries Technician 2, Clearwater Region