Clearwater Region weekly Chinook, coho, and steelhead reports (10/24/17)

The Snake River this week had the greatest amount of angler effort in the sections above Couse Creek to Heller Bar. Anglers fishing Heller Bar reported the greatest number of fish harvested, along with the most concentrated effort. Anglers were able to harvest some fall Chinook but steelhead were the fish that anglers were targeting. There were a few Chinook harvested at Hells Canyon Dam along with increasing numbers of steelhead. Anglers across the Snake River have continued to use tuna, with an increase in the use of shrimp.

The Clearwater River saw an increase in fishing, most of which were anglers targeting steelhead. None of the clerks checked a harvested Chinook this week, there were several steelhead harvested from the North Fork. Check the steelhead Harvest Report for more details.  -  Ryan Allen, Fisheries Technician 2, Clearwater Region