Fall Chinook fishing on Clearwater and Snake rivers. (9/26/17)

On the Snake River at the Confluence, there has been an increase to the number of fall Chinook harvested this week. The majority of the harvest has been  un-clipped jacks, a few hatchery jacks, and this week we checked several hatchery adults. The greatest fall Chinook fishing effort has been at the Confluence, but anglers have also been fishing Heller Bar and Hells Canyon Dam. The dam counts are picking up over lower Granite which brings the potential for more harvest.

The Clearwater had a few adult fall Chinook salmon harvested this week with the majority of them harvested in the area below the Camas Prairie Railroad bridge and the mouth of the Clearwater River. There has been some effort above the Railroad bridge right in front of the waste treatment plant where both shore and boat anglers have had some success.

Anglers targeting steelhead (catch and release only) have been mainly in the area between the 95 bridge and Steelhead Park access site. There has been effort from Gibbs Eddy up river to Orofino and the North Fork with only a few anglers reporting having caught anything. - Ryan Allen , Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region