Know Before You Go – Is your favorite hunting area open in southwest Idaho?

With hunting seasons approaching, prospective hunters should do their homework and determine if their favorite hunting area is open for vehicle and/or foot travel. Statewide fire closures can be found on the Fish and Game fire page at:

For example, a large portion of the area burned in last year’s Pioneer Fire was recently closed to public entry by the U.S. Forest Service for salvage logging operations. This closure includes portions units 33 and 39.

Similarly, the Bureau of Land Management is conducting juniper tree cutting operations and controlled burns in small portions of Owyhee County in unit 42. While these areas are not closed to entry, hunters may wish to avoid them.

All questions regarding land closures should be directed to the Forest Service or the BLM.

Learn more about closures on the Boise and Payette National Forests and on BLM lands in Owyhee County via these links:

Boise National Forest web page:

A reminder that all Fish and Game properties continue to operate under stage 1 fire restrictions which prohibit fires, campfires, or camp stoves in areas other than designated recreation sites with approved fire structures.