Mosaic art installed at MK Nature Center in Boise

Sculpin, dragonflies, trout and mink are all creatures that live in or near rivers, including the stream that runs through Boise’s MK Nature Center. Now, these animals will are also displayed on a new piece of public art at the nature center.

The mosaic wall was created by Boise artist Anna Webb. She began by studying photographs of the animals and plants and then created a sketch. Using colored glass, Webb built the mosaic in her artist studio, and then transferred the panels to the MK Nature Center.

“It’s a challenge to recreate the animals as accurately as possible, and it looks wonderful there,” said Webb. “The site is beautiful. The light is so pretty, and it smells really good, and the sounds and the people. It’s clearly a place that people like to go.”

The idea is to use public art both to beautify and educate.  You can find the new mosaic outdoors along the stream pathway among the native animals and plants that are featured in the artwork. It will be another attraction for the many thousands of visitors who enjoy the MK Nature Center.

The mosaic was initiated and funded by the Friends of MK Nature Center, with support from the Boise City Arts and History Department.

Mosaic Bat