Awkward Moment Reveals Old Bonds

It was one of those awkward social moments we all dread. Fish & Game Officer Marc Porter was doing a routine summer patrol below American Falls Reservoir in eastern Idaho. A group of senior citizens from an area nursing home were fishing off a pier. Porter was chatting with the director of the home when a young woman came up and asked, “Do you remember me?”

Conservation officer Marc Porter with former  Hunter Education student Allie Ward
Creative Commons Licence
Sandy McBride

First of all, you have to know that Marc Porter is very gregarious and chatty.  So when this confident, poised young woman asked that question, and Marc stumbled around, it was something to see.

“I’m Allie Ward,” said the young woman.

“I cannot believe this. You have grown up! I knew this girl when she was this high,” Porter says gesturing with his hand below shoulder height. “I have not seen you in a long time. How have you been? Are you working here?”

It turns out that Allie Ward, one of the aides for the nursing home, was Porter’s hunter education student when he was a conservation officer in the Malad area. Only twelve at the time, she was an enthusiastic student who really enjoyed the class. What makes this moment special, is the fact that when Allie shot her first deer, she insisted they drive to Porter’s house to show him. Neither of them will ever forget that.

Allie Ward with first deer
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Allie Ward

It just goes to show the bonds that are created through a love of Idaho’s outdoors.