MDI Community Shrub Planting Effort within the Mustang Fire in GMU 21

On April 19th IDFG staff and volunteers partnered together in the Salmon region to plant sagebrush on important mule deer winter range.  Twenty-nine IDFG staff and volunteers worked together to place 1,500 Wyoming big sagebrush into the rocky ground.  It was a hard day of work fighting the rocky soils of the Salmon area, but we had a hard working group of volunteers.  The Donnelly Gulch project area is an important winter range for a majority of GMU 21's mule deer herd.  The volunteer effort was coordinated through IDFG and the Salmon Valley Stewardship (  It was a beautiful day, and we were fortunate in that it rained following the planting effort.

IDFG has also partnered with the US Forest Service to aerially seed Wyoming big sagebrush seed onto important mule deer winter range within the Mustang fire, see our previous post for the details.