Mule Deer: Saving the Icon of the West

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) Mule Deer Working Group (MDWG) has created a video about mule deer and the conservation challenges they face now and into the future.

In 1997, the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) established a Mule Deer Working Group (MDWG) consisting of a representative from each member state and Canadian province. Since that time, the working group has been successfully addressing mule and black-tailed deer concerns shared among wildlife agencies in western North America. The purpose for this working group was to:

1) Begin to develop strategies to assist in management of declining mule deer populations throughout the West;

2) Improve communication among mule deer biologists throughout the West;

3) Provide a forum to respond to information needs from agency administration.

This Working Group has been very successful in their efforts to reach those goals and are considered one of the most active and productive working group sponsored by WAFWA.