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Idaho Fish and Game

Press Releases and Articles

F&G will reduce deer herds in Slate Creek to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease

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Fish and Game will start a project on Feb. 13 to reduce deer density in the Slate Creek area in Unit 14 north of Riggins and east of U.S. 95 in an effort to minimize the spread of chronic wasting disease into adjacent areas. 

CWD is a contagious and fatal neurological disease that affects deer, elk and moose.… more

Public can comment on big game season proposals and attend open houses

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Idaho Fish and Game will be setting new big game seasons for deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, wolf and mountain lion in March, and hunters can comment on season proposals until Feb. 22. 

Hunters can easily check out the proposals on the big game season setting webpage at

Big game… more

Fish and Game needs more volunteer Hunter Education instructors to teach the next generation of Idaho hunters

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Idaho Fish and Game’s Hunter Education Program is looking for new volunteer instructors to help ensure that the newest generation of hunters has a thorough understanding of safety, ethics and conservation.

Those who are interested can learn more about the program and how they can become an instructor by… more

Rash of elk entanglements continue throughout the Wood River Valley

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Over the last week Fish and Game has received four reports of elk in the Wood River Valley becoming entangled in items found in residents’ yards, especially garden equipment. Since February 1, elk have become entangled in wire tomato cages, a 5-gallon plastic bucket and a sled and rope. Locations vary from Bellevue,… more

Fish and Game Commission names Jim Fredericks as new director of Idaho Fish and Game

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The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has extended an offer to Jim Fredericks to serve as the new director of Idaho Fish and Game. Fredericks has been a deputy director for Fish and Game since 2021 and is a former fisheries bureau chief. 

Fredericks, 58, was raised in Moscow since grade school, graduated from… more

Bobcat checks will be offered prior to big game public meeting Feb. 22 in Orofino

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A bobcat check-in will be held Wed., Feb. 22 from 3:30-5 p.m. at the Clearwater Hatchery, Hatchery Roe Dr. in Orofino, ID. Each trapper will be charged a $1.75 administration fee and $3 per pelt. 

Anyone interested in learning more about upcoming big game season proposals are welcome to attend one of the public… more

Craig Mountain WMA launches new video series: Part I- Overview and History

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Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area (CMWMA) staff recently put together several videos highlighting the work being done to manage the WMA. These videos will be released in a series over the next few months. The first video of the roll-out process is entitled "Craig Mountain WMA Overview" featuring the history,… more

F&G stops Cascade deer trapping after two days due to high prevalence of chewing lice

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Idaho Fish and Game stopped trapping town deer in the City of Cascade on Tuesday, Jan. 31 after just two days of trapping. Biologists found the prevalence of chewing lice was higher than expected, preventing most of the deer from being transported to winter range. 

F&G detects 15 deer with chronic wasting disease in 2022

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With nearly all results back from 2022 chronic wasting disease testing, Fish and Game found 15 positive cases out of 3,171 tests statewide. All CWD cases from 2022 were detected in a 6-mile radius within the Slate Creek drainage north of Riggins and east of U.S. 95 where the disease was first detected in fall of 2021… more

Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee Meeting scheduled for Feb. 7

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Date:                 Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023- 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Address:           Idaho Fish and Game Southeast Region Office
                         1345 Barton Road, Pocatello, ID

Call-in Number:  1 208-985-2810  Enter Code: 159 132 589#

Members of the Southeast Region Winter Feeding… more

Idaho Fish and Game shares some common fishing violations in the Southeast Region

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Whether you dangle a jig through a hole in the ice or cast a streamer into an open river, wintertime is a great time for fishing.  Southeast Idaho has no shortage on fantastic winter fisheries-- but before you head out to reel in the fun, be sure you know the rules.

Here are some important reminders based on… more

Idaho Fish and Game Southeast Region initiates winterfeeding action in Bear Lake County

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game with input from the Southeast Idaho Winter Feeding Advisory Committee (WFAC) has initiated a winter-feeding action on the west and east sides of Bear Lake in Bear Lake County, with additional actions to be rolled out in the near future in priority areas. 

Winter conditions… more

Idaho Fish and Game closes WMAs in the Southeast and Upper Snake Regions to protect wintering wildlife

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Beginning Feb. 3, several Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in southeast and east Idaho will be closed to all public entry.  This includes the Portneuf, Georgetown, and Montpelier WMAs in the Southeast Region, and the Tex Creek and Market Lake WMAs in the Upper Snake Region. These WMA closures will… more

F&G seeking public comment on Draft Gray Wolf Management Plan 2023-2028

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Idaho Fish and Game is seeking comments on its Draft Gray Wolf Management Plan 2023-2028. The plan will provide guidance for staff and set goals and strategies that will be carried out through hunting and trapping season setting and other management actions. 

Designed to span six years, this plan identifies… more

Two elk calves found dead after eating ornamental yew in Ketchum

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Despite a 2016 Blaine County ordinance restricting the planting of noxious plants, including exotic yew, two elk calves were found dead on Friday February 3, 2023, after eating the toxic plant in the Warm Springs area of Ketchum. 

Fish and Game conservation officers who investigated the report of dead elk… more

Feb. 3: Clearwater Regional Ice Fishing report

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F&G’s McCall Fish Hatchery staff spends winters growing two generations of Chinook

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McCall, a modest-sized mountain town that originated as a mining and forestry hub, has since evolved into a popular, year-round outdoor destination for snowmobilers, skiers, boaters, snow-sculptors and, of course, sportsmen.

While the recreation changes seasonally along with the workers who support them, the… more

Video: See how Fish and Game estimates annual wolf populations

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People often ask, "How do you know how many wolves are in Idaho?" The short answer is with cameras and mathematical modeling, among other things. 

But the entire process is more complex and a fascinating look at wildlife management that was created by Fish and Game staff in cooperation with University of Montana… more