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Clarification on "Extra" turkey tag rules

Turkey hunters are encouraged to review the rules concerning "Extra" tags in the current seasons and rules booklet before planning their hunts this spring or fall.

There are three types of tags that may be used for turkey:

- General - Can be used in general season or in a controlled hunt with the appropriate controlled hunt permit

- Extra - General season tag only. Cannot be used in a controlled hunt.

- Special Unit - Available for fall hunts in restricted units.

Hunters should note that an extra tag cannot be used in conjunction with a controlled hunt permit - it can only be used in general season hunts.

If you plan on hunting in a spring general season and would also like to apply for a fall controlled hunt, you might consider purchasing an extra tag for the spring hunt and using your extra tag first if you harvest, and save the general tag to use if you draw on the fall controlled hunt.

Turkey season and rule information can be found on pages 16-25 in the 2016 & 2017 Upland Game, Furbearer and Turkey Seasons and Rules booklet available at all Fish and Game license vendors and online at