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“Take Me Fishing” trailer visiting area lakes

The Idaho Fish and Game “Take Me Fishing” trailers have geared up for another season of fishing fun.  Stocked with fishing tackle, the agency’s five "Take Me Fishing" trailers travel to local fishing spots throughout the state to promote fishing.

Wrapped with vibrant fish illustrations, the trailers are easy to recognize as they head down the road to another great Idaho fishing spot.

Each trailer contains hundreds of fishing rods, tackle and bait, all rigged up and ready to be signed-out for free to anyone who shows up and registers at the trailer.  All you need to do is register, pick up a rod and some bait, head to the water and cast a line.  Fish and Game staff can help get you started.  Fishing rods are returned to the trailer when you are finished so we can get them ready for the next event.

Worried about tangled lines? No problem. Bring the rods back to the trailer and we will provide more. We will fix the tangles while you keep fishing!

The best news of all?  No fishing license is required during the events and everything is free! 

The trailer program encourages people to try fishing as a new activity; or, to again take up an activity they once did but have not done in a while.

Events continue throughout all of May and June!  The complete schedule is on the IDFG website,  In addition, we have distributed bookmarks at elementary schools throughout the Panhandle that list event dates, times and locations. Check your student’s backpack for a colorful bookmark with a photo of two young boys fishing.

Kids and adults are all welcomed to participate at the events, enjoy the spring weather…and likely catch fish!  

We are frequently asked about residency requirements for the “Take Me Fishing” Program.  People of any age, whether they are residents or non-residents, can fish without a license during the hours of the events.  All that anyone needs to do is sign in at the trailer.  All other rules such as size limits and daily bag limits are in effect. 

Fishing equipment and bait can be checked out for free during the scheduled events. Reservations are not needed, and equipment is checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. However, we are well prepared and there is almost always more than enough gear for everyone. 

Idaho children 13 years old and under can always fish for free. These events give their parents, older siblings and friends the opportunity to try fishing without purchasing a license.

Getting kids excited about fishing will help build a new generation of anglers. The only thing kids and their parents need to do is show up!

To learn more about the “Take Me Fishing” trailer program, contact the Fish and Game Panhandle office at 769-1414.