March - Special Meeting of the Commission

Idaho Fish and Game Commission

Special Meeting — March 17-18, 2021

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Southwest Regional Office
15950 N. Gate Boulevard
Nampa, Idaho

The Commission is participating by a combination of in-person attendance at the above physical location and video conference. This meeting is open to the public. Due to the Governor’s Stage 3 Stay Healthy Order, dated 2/2/2021, gatherings, including public meetings, are limited to 50 persons or less in physical attendance.

Video conference information

Live stream via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 936 8235 8350 (UPDATED)

Call-in number: 253-215-8782

Note: Times on the agenda are approximate and subject to change.


March 17

Time Description
2:00 pm Tour HQ building
5:15 pm Dinner

7:00 pm

Public Hearing

Idaho Fish and Game
Southwest Regional Office
15950 N. Gate Boulevard
Nampa, Idaho
Those wishing to speak to the Commission will have a three-minute time limit, with additional comments accepted in writing. Because of capacity limits in the meeting room, individuals wishing to testify may be asked to wait in a separately designated room (subject to a capacity limit and social distancing) or at another location until it is their turn to speak.
The public hearing will not be streamed live.

March 18

Time Order Description
8:00 am 1. Opening Comments
-- Chairman Brad Corkill
8:10 am 2.

Agenda Changes
-- Chairman Corkill

8:15 am 3.

Review of Public Comment
-- Chairman Corkill and Director Schriever

8:35 am 4.

Consent Calendar (Action)

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a. Minutes

b. Financial Report

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8:45 am 5.

Action Items for Commission Approval (Action)

A. Season Setting: Spring Chinook Season (Action)

-- Lance Hebdon, Anadromous Fish Manager

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9:00 am  

B. Big Game Season Setting (Action)
-- Mike McDonald, State Wildlife Manager

  1. Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Wolf Seasons
  2. Landowner Appreciation

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10:00 am  

C. Identify a Waiting Period for Capped Zone Tags (Action)
-- Toby Boudreau, Chief, Wildlife

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10:15 am  

D. Outfitter Allocation for Deer and Elk Tags (Action)
-- Jon Rachael, Southwest Regional Supervisor

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10:30 am   Break
10:45 am 6.

Legislative Update
--Paul Kline, Deputy Director

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11:00 am 7.

Rulemaking Update
--Paul Kline, Deputy Director

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11:15 am 8.

Update on Pelican Management
--Rex Sallabanks, Wildlife Diversity Program Manager
-- Jeff Dillon, Fisheries Research Manager

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11:30 am 9.

Citizens Shooting Range Committee Report
--Sharon Kiefer, Chief, Communications

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11:45 am 10.

Mountain Goat Gender Identification Training Update
-- Mike McDonald, State Wildlife Manager

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12:00 pm   Lunch
1:00 pm 11.

Migratory Game Bird Briefing (information only)
-- Jeff Knetter, Upland Game & Migratory Bird Coordinator

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1:15 pm 12.

Hunter Congestion Survey 2020 Report
-- Kenneth E. Wallen, Ph.D., University of Idaho

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1:45 pm 13.

Director’s Report
--Director Schriever

2:05 pm 14.

Commissioner Reports
--Chairman Corkill

2:30 pm 15.

Planning for Next Meeting
--Chairman Corkill

2:40 pm 16.

Executive Session I.C. 74-206 (1)(c)(f) (Action Item—votes for convening/ending session; no final action will occur in executive session.)

Meetings of the Commission during field trips and catered meals are open to public attendance, but additional arrangements may be involved for those who wish to attend. For more information on such arrangements, please contact Mary Boyer at (208) 334-3771. During field trips and catered meals, the Commission may engage in brainstorming activities and informal discussions of regional and general interest, but the Commission will not take up any item for action.