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Two yearling bull moose captured in Twin Falls and relocated near Fairfield

Two yearling bull moose wandered into Twin Falls only to be relocated to an area north of Fairfield

On Saturday, June 18, 2022 the Twin Falls County Sheriff reported that they received multiple reports of two moose in close proximity to Highway 30 west of Twin Falls. Fish and Game officers were unable to locate the moose until Sunday evening, June 19, when a decision was made to relocate the moose in the interest of public safety.

Collisions with large animals, like moose, can lead to injuries or death to occupants of vehicles and cause significant property damage to vehicles, while causing significant injuries or death to wildlife.

Early Monday morning, June 20, Fish and Game staff were able to locate the two yearling bull moose bedded together in a farm field just south of Highway 30. Biologists were able to successfully dart and anesthetize both moose.

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Terry Thompson/Idaho Fish and Game

Shortly after darting with anesthetizing drugs one of the moose is prepped for transport.


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Terry Thompson/Idaho Fish and Game

Covering the eyes of the moose helps to keep the animal calm


The moose were safely relocated to an area north of Fairfield, near Couch Summit.
Wildlife biologists with the Magic Valley Region speculate that these moose came from the South Hills where the moose population is doing very well. 

It is common for yearling moose to seek out new areas during late spring and early summer after they are forcefully separated from the cow moose prior to her giving birth to this year’s calves.

Residents are encouraged to notify their local Fish and Game office if they observe large wildlife, like moose, within their communities, especially if they are in residential areas or near busy highways.  

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Leon Burman / Idaho Fish and Game

Two yearling bull moose relocated from Twin Falls to Couch Summit, north of Fairfield, June 2022