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Idaho Fish and Game

Boise Hunter Recovering from Bear Encounter


A Boise-area hunter will recover from bite wounds he received after being attacked by a wounded black bear near Grimes Creek in Boise County. Marvin Jennings (43) of Boise and his uncle from Lynnwood, WA were hunting over a bear bait site on Clear Creek Sunday evening, May 28 when the incident occurred.

Towards dusk, the two men observed a large black bear approaching their bait site. The uncle shot and wounded the animal which ran some distance away. After a short period of time, Jennings approached. The bear charged, knocking Jennings to the ground and both hunter and bear tumbled down a hill. The bear bit Jennings multiple times on the left arm and leg before Jennings dispatched the animal with a handgun.

Jennings was airlifted to St. Alphonsus Hospital where he remains hospitalized.

Following normal protocol after an animal attack, Fish and Game staff interviewed Jennings and his uncle at the hospital. Other staff conducted interviews near the incident site and examined the bear. Tooth wear revealed that the bear – though otherwise healthy – was very old.

Several local residents, a Boise County Deputy and a Boise National Forest Law Enforcement Officer assisted with this effort.

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