Dicotyledoneae Class

Life / Plantae / Anthophyta / Dicotyledoneae

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Astragalus lyallii Lyall's Milkvetch Species 58904
Astragalus malacus Shaggy Milkvetch Species 42041
Astragalus microcystis Least Bladdery Milkvetch Species 39496
Astragalus miser Timber Milkvetch Species 41323
Astragalus mulfordiae Mulford's Milkvetch Species 48911
Astragalus newberryi Newberry's Milkvetch Species 41091
Astragalus nudisiliquus Cobblestone Milkvetch Species 40179
Astragalus obscurus Arcane Milkvetch Species 39495
Astragalus oniciformis Picabo Milkvetch Species 41063
Astragalus packardiae Packard's Milkvetch Species 91221
Astragalus paysonii Payson's Milkvetch Species 41087
Astragalus platytropis Broad-keeled Milk-vetch Species 51733
Astragalus purshii Pursh's Milkvetch Species 42828
Astragalus reventus Revenant Milkvetch Species 55154
Astragalus riparius Piper's Milkvetch Species 56297
Astragalus robbinsii Robbins' Milkvetch Species 52538
Astragalus salmonis Trout Creek Milkvetch Species 40631
Astragalus scaphoides Bitterroot Milk-vetch Species 53233
Astragalus sheldonii Sheldon's Milkvetch Species 59884
Astragalus shultziorum Shultz's Milkvetch Species 56931
Astragalus sinuatus Whited's Milkvetch Species 43091
Astragalus spaldingii Spalding's Milkvetch Species 56298
Astragalus spatulatus Draba Milk-vetch Species 51734
Astragalus tenellus Loose-flower Milkvetch Species 56794
Astragalus terminalis Railhead Milkvetch Species 41070
Astragalus tetrapterus Four-wing Milkvetch Species 40207
Astragalus toanus Toano Milkvetch Species 49348
Astragalus utahensis Utah Milkvetch Species 40629
Astragalus vallaris Snake Canyon Milkvetch Species 53234
Astragalus vexilliflexus Bent-flower Milkvetch Species 49828
Astragalus whitneyi Whitney's Milkvetch Species 41072
Astragalus yoder-williamsii Mud Flat Milkvetch Species 58511
Athysanus pusillus Common Sandweed Species 41977
Atriplex argentea Silvery Saltbush Species 53662
Atriplex canescens Four-wing Saltbush Species 59748
Atriplex confertifolia Shadscale Species 60532
Atriplex falcata Sickle Saltbush Species 40532
Atriplex gardneri Gardner's Saltbush Species 53401
Atriplex hortensis Garden Orach Species 55793
Atriplex nuttallii Nuttall's Saltbush Species 53222
Atriplex patula Halberd-leaf Saltbush Species 56540
Atriplex patula ssp. patula Halberd-leaf Orache Species 47454
Atriplex prostrata Creeping Saltbush Species 59487
Atriplex pusilla Purple Balduina Species 53220
Atriplex rosea Tumbling Orache Species 50477
Atriplex subspicata Orache Species 54296
Atriplex tridentata Basin Saltbush Species 42592
Atriplex truncata Wedge-leaved Saltbush Species 43583
Bacopa rotundifolia Roundleaf Water-hyssop Species 51348
Balsamita major Coastmary Species 45728