Deer Controlled Hunt Extra Antlerless Season

Hunt Area 5-1X
Deer Controlled Hunt 1122 100 Tags

Non-resident tag quota of 15,500 total deer tags. See the Nonresident Tag Quotas for availability.

10/10/2024 - 12/1/2024

White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
Antlerless White-tailed Deer
Only deer without antlers or with antlers shorter than 3 inches may be taken in any season which is open for antlerless deer only.
Any Weapon
Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloader, Shotgun, or Handgun.


White-tailed deer only

Hunt Area 5-1X
That portion of Unit 5 on or within one mile of private agricultural lands. "Private agricultural lands" are defined as privately-owned lands that are used for growing or storing plants for profit, in the form of pasture or stored feed for animal production, croplands, nurseries, vineyards, or orchards, but which do not include private timberlands. Area Size: 457,550 acres
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More information about the Game Management Unit(s) in this hunt: 5

Controlled Hunt Harvest Statistics

Year Hunt# Area Hunters Harvest Success% Days Antlered Antlerless %4+Pts %5+Pts %Whitetail
2020 1127 5-1X 90 54 60 566 1 52 100 100
Source: Harvest Statistics Database compiled from Mandatory Harvest Reports and Check Station Records
* In 2000 hunter information not collected.

Resident Tags and Permits

  • Adult Deer Tag
  • Jr./Sr./DAV Deer Tag
  • Controlled Hunt Application Fee
  • Handicapped Motor Vehicle Permit*

NonResident Tags and Permits

  • Junior Mentored Deer Tag
  • Adult Deer Tag
  • Controlled Hunt Application Fee
  • Handicapped Motor Vehicle Permit*

A valid hunting license is required for all hunting and trapping activities.
* Indicates this item is optional.

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Surface Management

For government land, these data show the managing agency of the land, which may or not be the same as the owning agency.

Graph illustrating 75.67 percent Private 346,222 acres   75.7%
Graph illustrating 12.41 percent Indian Reservation / Bureau of Indian Affairs 56,774 acres   12.4%
Graph illustrating 6.16 percent Other 28,178 acres   6.2%
Graph illustrating 4.85 percent State of Idaho 22,188 acres   4.8%
Graph illustrating 0.51 percent U.S. Forest Service (USFS) 2,321 acres   0.5%
Graph illustrating 0.34 percent U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 1,541 acres   0.3%

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Access Yes! Properties

Access Yes! is Fish and Game program designed to improve hunting and fishing access to private land or through private land to public land by compensating willing landowners who provide access.

No properties are currently available in this hunt area.
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Federally-designated Wilderness Areas

No motorized vehicles are allowed in these areas.

There are no wilderness areas in this hunt.