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You may also use the Hunt Planner to search by harvest statistics. First select the game, weapon, season and area you desire and then choose "Advanced Options" to filter your results using drawing odds and/or harvest statistics.

Select the historical harvest statistics you would like to query.

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%Harvest Success >=
range: 0 - 100    mean: 51.8

%Bucks >=
range: 0 - 100    mean: 70

%4+Pts >=
range: 0 - 100    mean: 66.8

%5+Pts >=
range: 0 - 100    mean: 18.9

%Whitetail >=
range: 0 - 100    mean: 14.6%

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Select a season to query, or if you wish to search a specific time period you may use the calendars below. Hunts are not available year-round. Choosing specific dates may result in no matches.

Note: Regulations for 2021 are not yet published. Staff biologists must complete their population surveys and compile harvest summaries before regulations are finalized for the next season. Changes are minimal between years, last season's regulations should give a good indication of the hunting opportunities for the coming season. Regulations are finalized by January for Turkey and Trophy Species (Moose, Sheep & Goat), April for Big Game, June for Sandhill Crane, July for Furbearers and Upland Game, and September for Waterfowl.