Query Drawing Odds

Note you can also use the Hunt Planner to search for drawing odds. First select the game, weapon, season and area you desire and then choose "Advanced Options" to filter your results using drawing odds and/or harvest statistics.

Select the historical controlled hunt drawing odds you would like to query.

1.) Select a past season's odds 

2.) Pick a game animal

Enter the drawing odds you desire.

Enter desired odds in percentages for one or more fields.  One entry required, fields may be left blank.

Choice 1

Resident Odds >= %
range: 1% - 100%    mean: 41%

NonResident Odds >= %
range: 0% - 100%    mean: 29%

All Applicants >= %
range: 1% - 100%    mean: 39%

Choice 2

All Applicants >= %
range: 0% - 100%    mean: 8%

Choose the corresponding hunts you wish to display in your results.