Diptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Diptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Acemya tibialis A Tachinid Fly Species 1473061
Aciurina ferruginea A Fruit Fly Species 1473063
Aciurina idahoensis A Fruit Fly Species 1473983
Aciurina lutea A Fruit Fly Species 1473064
Aciurina maculata A Fruit Fly Species 1473984
Aciurina michaeli A Fruit Fly Species 1473985
Aciurina opaca A Fruit Fly Species 1473986
Aciurina semilucida A Fruit Fly Species 1473987
Aciurina trixa A Fruit Fly Species 1473065
Acrosathe otiosa A Stiletto Fly Species 1475024
Acrosathe vialis A Stiletto Fly Species 1475026
Agromyza pusilla A Leafminer Fly Species 1473078
Amauromyza auriceps A Leafminer Fly Species 1475064
Ammonaios confusus A Stiletto Fly Species 1475066
Anthrycia cineria A Tachinid Fly Species 1473089
Antocha monticola A Crane Fly Species 1473878
Aphoebantus mormon A Bee Fly Species 1473099
Apiocera barri A Flower-loving Fly Species 21740
Apolysis acrostichalis A Bee Fly Species 1473375
Apolysis arenicola A Bee Fly Species 1473101
Apolysis quinquenotata A Bee Fly Species 1473259
Arenigena semitaria A Stiletto Fly Species 1475233
Asilus mesae A Robber Fly Species 1473106
Atherix variegata A Fly Species 1473873
Bennettia compta A Tachinid Fly Species 1473117
Bibio albipennis A March Fly Species 1473119
Bibiocephala grandis A Midge Species 1473879
Brachylinga pavida A Stiletto Fly Species 1475547
Caecidotea occidentalis A Robber Fly Species 1473107
Calliphora lilae A Blow Fly Species 1473133
Calythea micropteryx A Fly Species 1473136
Campiglossa clathrata A Fruit Fly Species 1475564
Campiglossa farinata A Fruit Fly Species 1475565
Campiglossa murina A Fruit Fly Species 1475566
Campiglossa pygmaea A Fruit Fly Species 1475567
Camptoprosopella borealis An Acalyptrate Fly Species 1473138
Cardiocladius albiplumus A Midge Species 1473740
Catagoniops facialis A Tachinid Fly Species 1473141
Ceradontha dorsalis A Leafminer Fly Species 1473146
Chlorops rubicundus A Grass Fly Species 1473161
Chlorops sordidellus A Grass Fly Species 1473162
Chromolepida bella A Stiletto Fly Species 1475588
Chrysops noctifer A Deer Fly Species 1475590
Cnephia minus A Black Fly Species 1472928
Coboldia fuscipes Minute Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473730
Colosmittia clavata A Midge Species 1475498
Cricotopus nostocicola A Midge Species 1473741
Cuterebra jellisoni A Robust Bot Fly Species 1473182
Deuterophlebia inyoensis A Mountain Midge Species 1473742
Deuterophlebia nielsoni A Mountain Midge Species 1473743