Diptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Diptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Phthiria sulphurea A Bee Fly Species 1473376
Phylligria debilis A Shore Fly Species 1473377
Physiphora demandata A Picture-winged Fly Species 1473675
Physocephala texana A Thick-headed Fly Species 1473676
Platysmittia bilyji A Midge Species 1473893
Procecidochares minuta A Fruit Fly Species 1473655
Prorates arctos A Bee Fly Species 1473660
Prorates claripennis A Bee Fly Species 1473661
Protophormia terraenovae Northern Blow Fly Species 1473663
Protoplasa fitchii A Primitive Cranefly Species 1473894
Pseudodinia nitens An Aphid Fly Species 1473668
Psila dimidiata A Rust Fly Species 1473672
Psilocephala nigrimana A Stiletto Fly Species 1476537
Psilocephala vicina A Stiletto Fly Species 1476593
Ravinia iherminieri A Flesh Fly Species 1476932
Ravinia latisetosa A Flesh Fly Species 1476597
Ravinia querula A Flesh Fly Species 1476596
Rhagoletis ribicola A Fruit Fly Species 1476599
Rhopalomyia ampullaria A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473856
Rhopalomyia brevibulla A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473857
Rhopalomyia calvipomum A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473850
Rhopalomyia conica A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473858
Rhopalomyia hirtibulla A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473851
Rhopalomyia lignitubus A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473859
Rhopalomyia medusa A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473852
Rhopalomyia obovata A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473860
Rhopalomyia pomum A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473853
Rhopalomyia rugosa A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473854
Rhopalomyia tubulus A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473855
Rhopalomyia tumidibulla A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473862
Rhopalomyia tumidicaulis A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473861
Robackia demeijerei A Midge Species 1473897
Saetheria tylus A Midge Species 1473898
Saltella sphondylii A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473722
Scaeva pyrastri A Syrphid Fly Species 1473728
Scathophaga stercoraria A Fly Species 1473729
Schoenomyza dorsalis A Fly Species 1473732
Senotainia trilineata A Flesh Fly Species 1473736
Senotainia vigilans A Flesh Fly Species 1473737
Sepedon praemiosa A Marsh Fly Species 1476605
Sepsis biflexuosa A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473738
Sepsis neocynipsea A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473745
Sepsis punctum A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473746
Silvius gigantulus A Hores Fly Species 21245
Simulium argus A Black Fly Species 1473876
Simulium bivittatum A Black Fly Species 1473749
Simulium meridionale A Black Fly Species 1473899
Simulium venator A Black Fly Species 1473750
Simulium venustum Whitestockinged Black Fly Species 1473751
Simulium vittatum Striped Black Fly Species 1473752