Diptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Diptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Lydella radicis A Tachinid Fly Species 1473246
Macrocera inconspicua A Long-horned Fly Species 1476084
Madiza glabra A Freeloader Fly Species 1473250
Megaphorus martinorum A Robber Fly Species 1473309
Meromyza pratorum A Grass Fly Species 1473317
Meromyza saltatrix A Grass Fly Species 1473318
Metopia argyrocephala A Flesh Fly Species 1476153
Microchaetina valida A Tachinid Fly Species 1473322
Mosillus bidentatus A Shore Fly Species 1473335
Musca domestica Common Housefly Species 22880
Muscina stabulans A Fly Species 1473336
Mythicomyia armata A Bee Fly Species 1473339
Mythicomyia atra A Bee Fly Species 1473340
Mythicomyia rileyi A Bee Fly Species 1473341
Neaspilota viridescens A Fruit Fly Species 1476190
Nemotelus canadensis A Solder Fly Species 1473348
Neoneura flavifacies A Grass Fly Species 1473354
Neoneura polita A Grass Fly Species 1473355
Neophyllomyza quadricornis A Freeloader Fly Species 1473356
Neotephritis finalis A Fruit Fly Species 1476208
Nilotanypus fimbriatus A Midge Species 1473884
Ochlerotatus dorsalis A Mosquito Species 1473068
Oedopa capito A Picture-winged Fly Species 1473371
Olcella punctifrons A Grass Fly Species 1473373
Oreoleptis torrenticola A Tabanomorph Fly Species 1473888
Orthellia caesarion A Fly Species 1473272
Orthocladius annectens A Midge Species 1473889
Orthocladius coffmani A Midge Species 1473890
Orthocladius lignicola A Midge Species 1473891
Orthocladius rivulorum A Midge Species 1473908
Oscinella frit A Grass Fly Species 1473275
Oscinella inserta A Grass Fly Species 1473276
Ospriocerus abdominalis A Robber Fly Species 1473277
Oxyna palpalis A Fruit Fly Species 1476466
Ozodiceromya signatipennis A Stiletto Fly Species 1476539
Pallicephala occidentalis A Stiletto Fly Species 1476542
Palpomyia aldrichi A Biting Midge Species 1476544
Pandivirilia conspicua A Stiletto Fly Species 1476545
Pandivirilia montivaga A Stiletto Fly Species 1476546
Paradidyma simulans A Tachinid Fly Species 1473284
Paradidyma singularis A Tachinid Fly Species 1473285
Paralauterborniella nigrohalterale A Paralauterborniellan Chironomid Species 1473892
Paroxyna minima A Fruit Fly Species 1473287
Paroxyna steyskali A Fruit Fly Species 1473288
Peleteria malleola A Tachinid Fly Species 1473290
Periscepsia cinerosa A Tachinid Fly Species 1473294
Periscepsia helymus A Tachinid Fly Species 1473293
Pherocera flavipes A Stiletto Fly Species 1476521
Pholeomyia indecora A Freeloader Fly Species 1473302
Phormia regina Black Blow Fly Species 1473303