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Special Notes (follow hunt link for details)
  ¹ Youth hunting opportunity.
  ² Limited Access.
  ³ Motor Vehicle Restriction in all or part of this hunt.

Deer Seasons

General Any Weapon

Regular Deer Tag Unlimited tags

10/10/18-10/24/18Antlered Mule and White-tailed DeerAny WeaponUnit 59A³
10/10/18-10/24/18Antlerless Mule and White-tailed DeerAny WeaponUnit 59A¹³

White-tailed Deer Tag Unlimited tags

10/10/18-10/31/18Either-sex White-tailed DeerAny WeaponUnit 59A³
11/10/18-12/9/18Either-sex White-tailed DeerAny WeaponUnit 59A³

General Archery

Regular Deer Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/18-9/30/18Either-sex Mule and White-tailed DeerArcheryUnit 59A³

White-tailed Deer Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/18-9/30/18Either-sex White-tailed DeerArcheryUnit 59A³

Controlled Hunt Antlered

Deer Controlled Hunt 1046 10 tags

10/10/18-11/30/18Antlered Mule and White-tailed DeerAny Weapon58-1³

Elk Seasons

General A Tag

Elk A Tag - Beaverhead Zone Unlimited tags

8/1/18-8/29/18Antlerless ElkAny WeaponPortion of Units 58,59, and 59A²
8/30/18-9/30/18Either-sex ElkArcheryBeaverhead Zone³
10/15/18-10/31/18Antlerless ElkMuzzleloaderBeaverhead Zone³

Controlled Hunt Antlered

Elk Controlled Hunt 2007 30 tags

10/1/18-10/14/18Antlered ElkAny Weapon30-1³

Elk Controlled Hunt 2041 75 tags

11/1/18-11/30/18Antlered ElkAny Weapon58-1³

Controlled Hunt Antlerless

Elk Controlled Hunt 2139 250 tags

11/1/18-11/30/18Antlerless ElkAny Weapon59-1³

Controlled Hunt Extra Antlerless

Elk Controlled Hunt 2266 50 tags

1/1/18-2/15/18Antlerless ElkAny Weapon63-1X

Elk Controlled Hunt 2283 50 tags

1/1/19-2/15/19Antlerless ElkAny Weapon63-1X

Controlled Hunt Outfitter Allocated

Elk Controlled Hunt 2248 2 tags

11/1/18-11/30/18Antlered ElkAny Weapon58-1³

Pronghorn Seasons

Controlled Hunt Either Sex

Pronghorn Controlled Hunt 4020 50 tags

9/25/18-10/24/18Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeAny Weapon59-1³

Controlled Hunt Archery

Pronghorn Controlled Hunt 4029 Unlimited tags

8/15/18-9/15/18Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery21A-1³

Bear Seasons

General Any Weapon

Black Bear Tag Unlimited tags

4/15/18-6/15/18Either-sex Black BearAny WeaponUnit 59A³

Black Bear Tag Unlimited tags

6/16/18-7/31/18Either-sex Black BearDog TrainingUnit 59A
8/30/18-10/31/18Either-sex Black BearAny WeaponUnit 59A³
4/15/19-6/15/19Either-sex Black BearAny WeaponUnit 59A³

Lion Seasons

General Any Weapon

Mountain Lion Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/17-3/31/18Either-sex Mountain LionAny WeaponUnit 59A³

Mountain Lion Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/18-3/31/19Either-sex Mountain LionAny WeaponUnit 59A³

Wolf Seasons

General Any Weapon

Wolf Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/17-3/31/18Either-sex WolfAny WeaponUnit 59A³

Wolf Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/18-4/30/19Either-sex WolfAny WeaponUnit 59A³

General Trapping

Wolf Tag Unlimited tags

11/15/17-3/31/18Either-sex WolfTrappingUnit 59A

Wolf Tag Unlimited tags

11/15/18-3/31/19Either-sex WolfTrappingUnit 59A

Moose Seasons

Controlled Hunt Antlered

Moose Controlled Hunt 3057 5 tags

8/30/18-11/23/18Antlered MooseAny Weapon59*