Kilgore Area

Landowner Notification Not Required. To access this property landowner notification is not required.

Many properties in the Access Yes! program do require landowner notification. Be sure to check before visiting.

Property Contact:
Wayne Jensen
2777 N 26 W
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone: (208)521-4001

Directions: From Parker, take Red Road north to Dubois/Kilgore road intersection, approx 2 miles north.

Description: Wetlands, Camas Creek, willows, sage brush
Private Land: 1086 acres
Public Land: 300 acres of Idaho Dept. of Lands
Available: 8/1/2022 - 7/31/2025
Access: Unlimited

Access Restrictions

  • No vehicle use: foot or equestrian access only
  • No overnight camping
  • No open fires

Access parcels are open to all persons who are actively hunting and/or fishing. Hunting and fishing opportunity are open for all legal species in accordance with Idaho Department of Fish and Game rules and regulations. All access is by non-motorized means (walk-in, horse access, mountain bike), unless posted otherwise. If posted open to motorized entry, travel is restricted to specific roads and trails. All other activities require landowner permission, these include but are not limited to off-road motorized travel for game retrieval, target shooting, camping, professional dog training.

Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

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Wolf Hunting and Trapping Permissions

  • No wolf trapping or hunting on this parcel