Big Onion

Landowner Notification Not Required. To access this property landowner notification is not required.

Many properties in the Access Yes! program do require landowner notification. Be sure to check before visiting.

Property Contact:
Marsh Valley Cattlemen's Corp.
Phone: (208)897-5521

Directions: Use large parking area at the Big Onion Cattle Camp - End of Deadwood Road.
Managed for quality mule deer. Hunting by horseback or foot ONLY.

Fences clearly mark the property boundary. Property is surrounded by a fence, and there is only one internal fence running east west to divide it into a north and south pasture.

Description: Rangeland
Private Land: 10260 acres
Public Land: 15000 acres of BLM, State
Available: 10/1/2019 - 12/31/2021
Access: Unlimited

Access Restrictions

  • No vehicle use: foot or equestrian access only
  • No overnight camping
  • No open fires

Managed for quality mule deer. Hunting by horseback or foot ONLY. Motorized game retrievel by permission only, call Jason Beck (IDFG cell 251-7438), Tyler Peterson (IDFG cell 251-4515), or a MVCC shareholder for permission - Be prepared to provide your tag number - tag number will be reported to IDFG as being filled. This agreement does not permit commercial activities on the property without the landowner's direct consent.

Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

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