Tom Billington

Landowner Notification Required. In order to access this property you must first contact the landowner.

Directions: From Twin Falls, travel south on S. Washington St. then turn right on 3500 N. Rd and drive approximately 1 mile.

Description: Riparian, irrigated crops
Private Land: 432 acres
Public Land: No public land is accessible.
Available: 8/15/2021 - 1/31/2024
Access: 1 party per day

Access Restrictions

  • Landowner notification required
  • Limited number of persons allowed
  • No vehicle use: foot or equestrian access only
  • No overnight camping
  • No open fires

Upland game hunting restricted to youth and disabled veterans ONLY

Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

Follow links to view hunting opportunities on this property.

Wolf Hunting and Trapping Permissions

  • No wolf trapping or hunting on this parcel