Polemoniaceae Family

Life / Plantae / Anthophyta / Dicotyledoneae / Solanales / Polemoniaceae

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Aliciella leptomeria Great Basin Gilia Species 53433
Aliciella triodon Coyote Gily-flower Species 61040
Collomia debilis Alpine Collomia Species 40690
Collomia grandiflora Large-flower Collomia Species 44529
Collomia heterophylla Varied-leaved Collomia Species 51648
Collomia linearis Narrow-leaved Collomia Species 49462
Collomia macrocalyx Bristle-flowered Collomia Species 56288
Collomia tenella Diffuse Collomia Species 58975
Collomia tinctoria Yellow-staining Collomia Species 50758
Eriastrum sparsiflorum Few-flowered Eriastrum Species 50941
Eriastrum wilcoxii Wilcox's Eriastrum Species 56458
Gilia capillaris Smooth-leaved Gilia Species 56889
Gilia capitata Blue Field Gilia Species 40777
Gilia inconspicua Shy Gilia Species 58307
Gilia lottiae Lott's Gily-flower Species 60699
Gilia micromeria Valley Gilia Species 47501
Gilia modocensis Measure Gilia Species 59595
Gilia sinuata Rosy Gilia Species 43803
Gilia tenerrima Delicate Gilia Species 54569
Gilia tweedyi Tweedy's Gilia Species 54103
Gymnosteris nudicaulis Large-flowered Gymnosteris Species 61651
Gymnosteris parvula Small-flowered Gymnosteris Species 47923
Ipomopsis aggregata Scarlet Skyrocket Species 58895
Ipomopsis congesta Ball-head Standing-cypress Species 54473
Ipomopsis minutiflora Small-flower Standing-cypress Species 47916
Ipomopsis polycladon Spreading Gilia Species 45818
Ipomopsis pumila Low Standing-cypress Species 52794
Ipomopsis spicata Spiked Standing-cypress Species 55082
Ipomopsis tenuituba Slender-trumpet Standing-cypress Species 53801
Langloisia setosissima Bristly Langloisia Species 43862
Leptodactylon glabrum Bruneau River Prickly Phlox Species 44300
Leptodactylon pungens Granite Prickly-phlox Species 47433
Leptodactylon watsonii Watson's Prickly-phlox Species 40981
Linanthus harknessii Harkness Linanthus Species 45759
Linanthus liniflorus Flax-flower Desert-gold Species 44566
Linanthus nuttallii Buslty Desert-gold Species 44414
Linanthus septentrionalis Northern Desert-gold Species 50946
Navarretia breweri Yellow Navarretia Species 51865
Navarretia divaricata Mountain Navarretia Species 49401
Navarretia intertexta Needle-leaf Navarretia Species 43144
Navarretia leucocephala White-flower Navarretia Species 51049
Phlox aculeata Snake River Plains Phlox Species 57153
Phlox adsurgens Woodland Phlox Species 58123
Phlox albomarginata Mountain Phlox Species 42983
Phlox austromontana Desert Mountain Phlox Species 40933
Phlox caespitosa Carpet Phlox Species 49660
Phlox colubrina Snake River Phlox Species 51355
Phlox diffusa Spreading Phlox Species 41506
Phlox gracilis Slender Phlox Species 54815
Phlox hoodii Hood's Phlox Species 42626