Portulacaceae Family

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Calandrinia ciliata Red Maids Species 42156
Cistanthe rosea Rosy Pussy-paws Species 57830
Cistanthe umbellata Mt. Hood Pussy-paws Species 42678
Claytonia arenicola Sand Springbeauty Species 51259
Claytonia cordifolia Heartleaf Springbeauty Species 56334
Claytonia exigua Serpentine Springbeauty Species 57512
Claytonia lanceolata Lanceleaf Springbeauty Species 51217
Claytonia megarhiza Alpine Springbeauty Species 48290
Claytonia multiscapa Yellow Spring Beauty Species 77355
Claytonia parviflora Little-flower Springbeauty Species 58402
Claytonia perfoliata Miner's-lettuce Species 61713
Claytonia rubra Red-stem Springbeauty Species 47099
Claytonia sibirica Siberian Springbeauty Species 58147
Lewisia columbiana Columbian Bitterroot Species 46894
Lewisia kelloggii Idaho Bitterroot Species 55413
Lewisia nevadensis Nevada Bitterroot Species 39712
Lewisia pygmaea Alpine Bitterroot Species 48663
Lewisia rediviva Oregon Bitterroot Species 47478
Lewisia sacajaweana Sacajawea's bitterroot Species 93764
Lewisia triphylla Three-leaf Bitterroot Species 51587
Montia chamissoi Chamisso's Miner's-lettuce Species 42347
Montia dichotoma Dwarf Miner's-lettuce Species 53152
Montia fontana Fountain Miner's-lettuce Species 49121
Montia linearis Linearleaf Miner's-lettuce Species 58080
Montia parvifolia Little-leaf Miner's-lettuce Species 50090
Portulaca oleracea Common Purslane Species 41518